"Individually Unique, Together Complete"

Sisterhood is the bond that holds our Fraternity together. It is unbreakable and something that needs no words to understand. This unique bond lasts throughout a sister's life. Through ups and downs, highs and lows, your Chi O sisters are always there for you. From college days to life in the real world, the Chi Omega sisterhood is always in your heart.

Here at Eta Kappa, we cherish our sisters and our time together. Throughout the year we hold many sisterhood events such as retreats and movie nights. Our sisters enjoy spending this time together. It has allowed us to be best friends and role models. One of our favorite sisterhood events is the Big/Little Revelation where each new member is given a clue each day of the week leading up to the revelation where they get to find out who their big sisters are! Whether we are having a girls night out, watching a movie, relaxing at the beach, or going to an event on campus, we love creating special memories together that will last a lifetime!